My Story

I live and work in São Paulo, where I graduated and finished Master degree in visual poetics at Escola de Comunicações e Artes, University of São Paulo. I’m part of Atelie Fidalga since 2007. Have participatedi in shows in Washington DC, Berlin, Porto and in Brazilian museums such as Paço das Artes, MAC USP, Pinacoteca do Estado.

My work is about the myth. Local, universal, folkloric.

From invented narratives, I create images, paintings, collages, artist’s books and objects that discuss the journey of the hero. From references like Vladimir  Propp, or the babilonian myth of Gilgamesh, I created a protagonist called João Batista that becomes a beast of his own, and meets other creatures during the transformation process.


1969 Born in Rio Claro, SP, Brasil
1993 Finished Visual Arts at ECA / USP (School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo)
1994 was apprentice at the studio of the artist Osmar Pinheiro
2004 Finished post graduate on Graphic Design at Senac em São Paulo
2006 Master degree on Visual Poetics / multimedia at ECA / USP (School of communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo)
2007 Started as a member of the Atelie Fidalga in São Paulo, where in 2011 he became part of the 5 artists that share the studio

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We are at Vila Madalena!

At the heart of the bohemian neighbourhood.

Contact information:

Address: Rua Fidalga, 299 – Vila Madalena – São Paulo, SP
Phone:+55 11 98850 1311